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Jl. Kemang Sari Raya No.42, Bekasi, Indonesia
Jl. Kemang Sari Raya No.42, Bekasi, Indonesia

One of our newest products has recently been acknowledged and approved by Pirelli Tyre S.P.A. (18 Feb), that is Rimlube 928-45 with Pirelli Spec Code of D1016T. This silicone-free lubricant is used on UFDB (Uniformity & Dynamic Balance) Machine like the picture on the side.

“This material can be used for Normal Process in Evoluzione Tyres. Trial results are positive and better than current material on Safety, Quality and Productivity.”

 The test was done at PT. Evoluzione Tyres (a joint venture between Pirelli Tyre S.P.A. and PT. Astra Otoparts, Tbk.) consisted of 5 parameters, they are difficulties on Handling, Dosing, Processability, Residue on Tires and Generation of rust, and all of them gave good results. Keypoints of the test were divided into physical, safety and machinery.


  • Clearer color, slippery and doesn’t feel sticky on hands, like water.
  • Dry faster and not leaving any residue after 1 week
  • Not leaving any residue after processed with UFDB Machine.

Safety & Health:

  • No serious symptoms after direct contact
  • Smell of the concentrate (doesn’t smell after dilution) could be overcome by personal mask.


  • No adverse effects on the machine (rust, error readings, etc.)
  • Very good adsorption on Lubricant Roller
  • No sediment in lubrication tank, lubrication pump will continue to run smoothly for a long period of time.

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Marketing Development Coordinator at PT. Tridharma Polakarsa